Identifying the Central Trauma

The central trauma for me has been uncovered recently as a very small number–a core–of basic beliefs about how the world truly has to be. I’ve done work and reading before on identifying and unlocking the central trauma, but I never understood so clearly what I was looking for. The central trauma doesn’t look like […]

Shadow Maps: The Upside-Down and the Sunken Place

What does our fascination with Get Out’s  phenomenal “sunken place” mean? What about our fascination with Stranger Things‘ phenomenal upside-down? Here’s why I’m glad these terrifying places are popular. The upside-down and the sunken place are both capacious: lots of unwilling people are sent there. They can hold a whole alternate reality No one wants […]

Gratitude: 3 Explorations

This arose at Thanksgiving. I explore it and want to share it. (Exploration in meditation is an easier way of healing oneself than some realize.) Try this exploration to heal wounds around deserving earning receiving giving. It may also help heal resistance fear, and inaction that is due to overwhelm or terror. Thank you for […]

We Say: Healing is Real

As much as anything else, healing is real. I’m not “sold” on the reality of just about anything, but if anything is real, healing is real. If anything truly ever happens to us that is terrible, painful, hateful, self-hating, ugly, excruciating–healing happens. If healing is as real as anything else, we can decide to claim […]

No-Regrets Healing

It’s easy to decide to take on healing to make someone else happy. If someone we love is unhappy with us, many of us will decide we want to get back in their good graces by working on ourselves. I’ve done this and I’ve had people do it toward me. Whether or not it works, […]