That Which I Focus on, I Become: Deeper into the Mountains and Waters Sutra

Because mountains are high and broad, the way of riding the clouds is always reached in the mountains; the inconceivable power of soaring in the wind comes freely from the mountains.

There is also a world of sentient beings in clouds. There is a world of sentient beings in the air.

Mountains’ walking is just like human walking. Accordingly, do not doubt mountains’ walking even though it does not look the same as human walking.

If you doubt mountains’ walking, you do not know your own walking; it is not that you do not walk, but that you do not know or understand your own walking. Since you do not know your walking, you should fully know the green mountains’ walking.

This post was inspired by Art is A Way of Knowing which reminds me: that which I focus on, I become.

I took the photos at my house in central Virginia as a way of deepening my engagement with the thirteenth-century Zen talk by Dogen Zenji most commonly called “Mountain and Rivers Sutra.” The translation I am working with is by Kazuaki Tanahashi; he translates its title as “Mountains and Waters Discourse.”

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