We Say: Healing is Real

As much as anything else, healing is real. I’m not “sold” on the reality of just about anything, but if anything is real, healing is real. If anything truly ever happens to us that is terrible, painful, hateful, self-hating, ugly, excruciating–healing happens.

If healing is as real as anything else, we can decide to claim it. Healing is ours. Healing is yours. Healing is what you do for yourself. We can help you–or the thousand other gates can help you if you enter them. Our gateway is just one.

The important thing is to enter, and to heal. Claim your healing.

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About the author: Beth

Beth Raps is a healer, money coach, philosopher, Beloved Community organizer, fundraiser, mother, and French translator. She's founding coach and consultant of RAISING CLARITY: peaceful, ethical money management and nonprofit fundraising. You can find that at www.raisingclarity.com. But that's just not enough. There's more healing she has to offer, and right here on www.raisingclarityhealing.com is where you'll find it. Unless you are looking for writing, editing, French translation, or writing coaching, and then try: https://bethrapsblog.wordpress.com/

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