No-Regrets Healing

It’s easy to decide to take on healing to make someone else happy. If someone we love is unhappy with us, many of us will decide we want to get back in their good graces by working on ourselves. I’ve done this and I’ve had people do it toward me.

Whether or not it works, we can use this impulse to do what I am calling “no regrets” healing. That means that no matter whether we get back in their good graces, we are still happy we did the healing work on ourselves. We have no regrets about it, no matter what the outward outcome, because the inward outcome is so rewarding.

Here’s why this is a good idea:

  1. No-regrets healing means, sure, ok, we heal for them–which is always dicey because we aren’t in control of them–and we heal for us, which we do have control over.
  2. No-regrets healing helps takes the sting out of the other person’s unhappiness with us by giving us a new positive direction to focus on.
  3. No-regrets healing is unlimited; we aren’t limiting our degree of “betterness” to whatever we think or they said would get them back in our lives or back to being happy with us. We can go far beyond that and truly just use the impulse they gave us to heal for our highest good.

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